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Hebei Sight Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Co, Ltd is a complex enterprise engaged in manufacture, research and development of chemicals, It has iteself¡¯s specific trading company Hebei Sight Exp. & Imp. Co. Ltd. in marketing,

We specialize in the line of
• fine chemicals,
• medicines,
• pharmaceutical intermediates and side chains
( including the raw materials of fluoroquinolone, cephalosporin, semisynthetic penicillin side chains )
• pesticides and fertilizers and so on.

We can produce according to customers'special requirements and provide customers'synthetics.

Equipped with strict quality control system, high efficient customer service and fruitful research and development labs, we had wide cooperation with some well-known international corporations home and abroad and established business connections and gained good reputation.

Contact us :

Contact: Sandy Wang
Address: Room 1407, Yin Tai International Building, No.36, Guang¡¯an Street, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, 050000 China.
website:Http:// www.hbsight.com
E-mail:sandy@hbsight.com    sales@hbsight.com

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